miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

The elderly man

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The elderly man

The square is tinged
with autumn golden tones,
the elderly man walks slowly,
treading on dry leaves.

The silence is bitter,
absences are painful,
the memories upset him,
and he shows his sadness.

The burden of loneliness
numbs his damaged body,
the sorrow he feels
is reflected in his eyes.

He's tormented by thoughts,
he doesn't foster hopes,
he stops on a corner,
and his pale hands tremble.

He wants somebody to retrieve
the monotony of every day,
his family has neglected him,
lack of love is evident.

María Griselda García Cuerva

4 comentarios:

  1. It's very sad to see the suffering of elderly people, Griselda. You have written a very good poem.

  2. Many thanks for visiting my blog, Jane.

  3. I realize you're a very sensitive person, María.This poem reflects your strong feelings.

  4. Thank you, Tom. You're right, I'm a very sensitive person.