jueves, 19 de febrero de 2009

My poems in Australia

The international violinist Leigh Paine asked me to write these four poems to accompany the tango rhythms of Piazzolla's Four Seasons and they were read in a concert at Cairns Civic Theatre, Cairns, Australia.

I hope you enjoy them.

Photo by María Griselda García Cuerva


Summer says good bye
with mysterious whispers,
autumn comes quite agitated
and shows its beauty.
A carpet of tints
covers all the ground,
the sight delights,
souls feel great pleasure.
The ochre and reddish foliage
fills the long roads
spreading its magic
in a paradise of colours.
The wise poets inspire
in the stunning landscape
and recite nice verses
in a romantic climate.
A lot of dry leaves fall
and rustle on the grass,
the wind laughs out loud,
rose petals rock in a brief flight.
The air is flooded
with soft fragrances,
the caresses of nature
make smiles turn up.
Many big grey clouds
play with the sun's rays,
the shine of this season
produces a special charm.
Little children enjoy themselves
in squares and parks,
they watch the colourful trees,
the view attracts their attention.
A lot of photos are taken
and show a brilliant scenery,
places are full of enchantment,
they invite to relax.
People are enraptured
by the beautiful sunsets,
they get lost in day dreams
while they wait for the coming winter.

María Griselda García Cuerva

Photo from Reuters Pictures


The winter comes back
with a broad smile,
people cross streets quickly,
the icy wind follows them.
A fine drizzle brings
a bit of nostalgia,
the cold is intense,
children slide on the frost.
The snowy view is spectacular,
it looks like a picture,
all the ways are white,
everyone enjoys skiing.
The charm of the countryside
increases in this season,
it's a real painting
with an immediate attraction.
The youth perfumes the days,
wonderful dreams never die,
burning desires don't stop,
radiant illusions shine.
Embraces are tighter,
arms stay joined,
lovers give kisses each other,
their eyes are too close together.
The nights are longer,
couples sitting by the fire
pronounce loving words,
emotions are shown.
The warmth of flames
makes cheeks go pinkish
and heats the bodies,
they feel completely at ease.
Outside the weather's still cold,
the moon illuminates the parks,
stars twinkle in the heavens,
somebody tries to catch them.
The life doors open slowly
and winter goes out,
the lovely spring arrives
and throws flowers at everybody.

María Griselda García Cuerva

Photo by María Griselda García Cuerva


The great colours of spring
make the life shine,
the fragrance of flowers
spreads in the air.
The happiness of love
goes through the gardens
and hearts palpitate
with sweet melodies.
The singing of birds
caresses the souls,
butterflies touch the petals
with their pretty wings.
As in fairy tales
magic does wonders,
eyes take delight
discovering the beauty.
The golden sun smiles
at velvety roses,
all ways are covered
with fantastic buds.
The scent of jasmines
sweetens the warm breeze,
dreams travel in a cloud
across the infinite sky.
The music of kisses
is heard everywhere,
couples in love talk
and walk hand in hand.
There are voices of gaiety,
enthusiasm is evident,
people weave their fantasies
and raise hopes too high.
Faces reflect sheer joy,
positive thoughts are present,
deep feelings burst,
muses encourage poets.
Enjoyable sensations spring,
the passion is strong,
love promises to continue
in the marvellous summer.

María Griselda García Cuerva

AP Photo by Rob Griffith


The summer comes smiling
and greets the beautiful spring,
it brings peace and hope,
people give it a warm welcome.
The weather's very hot,
the clear blue sky
seems to be painted,
it is worth admiring.
Days are long and nice,
beaches and pools are crowded,
the sound of waves
fiils seas with music.
The friendly sun caresses
the perfumed hairs,
dreamers lie on the sand
and image different scenes.
Kids radiate happiness,
their illusions grow,
there are bubbles of tenderness
in the infancy world.
Nights are more romantic,
the moon and stars
are witnesses of passionate kisses,
love provokes sighs.
Feelings are stronger,
sweet words go out of mouths,
eyes sparkle with merriment,
voices shake with emotion.
A lot of orchestras
play in the open air,
concerts give hearts
everything they desire.
There's a strange fascination,
life becomes marvellous,
nothing is worrying,
difficulties are overcome.
The time passes quickly,
shouts of joy are heard,
autumn is getting near
with its striking clothing.

María Griselda García Cuerva

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  1. Este es el poema que me gusta a mí! Hermoso.

  2. Te agradezco mucho tu visita y comentario, Elizabeth.

  3. Querida Griselda, todo el blog es una fiesta, pero me detuve en estos cuatro poemas, porque los leí escuchando a Piazzola y el placer fue completo. Gracias por tu invitación.También van mis felicitaciones por las fotos. Todo muestra tu sensibilidad. Un abrazo de

    Silvia Loustau

  4. Gracias por tus cariñosas palabras, Silvia.
    Un beso.