lunes, 16 de febrero de 2009

Poesías en inglés

AP Photo by Rick Rycroft

The tenderness of childhood

The laughter in the park
sets music to the afternoon
and the light of joy
is reflected in the fountain.
The murmur of voices
takes me to the slide
where I discover the illusions
that move smoothly before my eyes.
All the figures shake
and show their innocence
that travels in the air
entangled in the dreams.
Fantasies go across
the flowery paths
that lead to the games
full of big secrets.
The tenderness of childhood
tickles my hands
that caress the hope
flourished in the park.

María Griselda García Cuerva.

8 comentarios:

  1. Oh, it's beautiful! Children are always a good source of inspiration.
    Ana María

  2. Many thanks for your comments, Ana María.

  3. griselda,me gustó tu página,pero le faltan fotos,que las tenés y muy bonitas. silvia

    24-04 09

  4. Silvia:
    Creo que tiene suficientes fotos, ya que lo que quiero destacar son los poemas.
    Te agradezco la visita.

  5. griselo tu bolg me inpresiono mucho